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vet events event listing
vet events event listing
vet events event listing

vet events event listing

Comprehensive Event Listing

The listing includes the ability to list a Veterinary event which will be listed on the Vet Events Listing page and will then link to it's own page with all the details of your event.

event listing sampleThe listing page will include:

  • The Event Promoter's address, phone number, email and website address along with a logo.
  • The Event Listing will contain:
    • Event title, date and time, and location
    • Event presenter
    • Type of event and cost
    • Who should attend
    • Veterinary Education Points
    • Event description
    • Google Map of event location
    • Two images and one attached document
  • A form for participants to fill out to 'Register their Interest'. This form will go to directly to the 'Event Promoter'.

The 'Event Presenter' once registered will have access to an adminstration area, where they can see all the events they have listed and emails from participants who have 'registered their interest' in each event. The 'Event Presenter' can then contact the participants directly to advise of further details.

Featured Event Listing Includes:

  • All the features of the Comprehensive Event Listing with the added bonus of having your listing show in a different colour on the Listings page and also featured on the Home page.

Free Event Listing - Save the Date

The Free listing is ideal for Event Promoters to give basic information of an event to assist with participants to plan their schedules.. The information that you can enter is the 'Event Title, Event Date, and the Event Promoter.